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About Pure Heart

Pure Heart is the name of my Yoga Studio. I love teaching Yoga.

Pure Heart are two words that underpin my spirit, my ethos, my philosophy: live with a Pure Heart. There are many teachings that have brought me to this moment where I am able to create this Pure Heart space and to share these gifts of understanding and insight that I have received.

My greatest teacher is Ram Dass, a beautiful man. I discovered Ram Dass in 2017…Read More

Iyengar Yoga, is my other teacher. Iyengar Yoga is a deeply researched system…Read More

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Due to the current pandemic, all group classes are via Zoom. There are several classes to choose from. 

Private classes are conducted in the studio or via Zoom. I would love to hear from you.


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I read this bizarrely just before Covid hit us. Such timing! Lots about the Microbiome, here are a couple of factoids: microbes make up to 2kg of our body weight; & 70% of our entire immune system resides in our gut. I am now clearer as to how both Yoga postures & breathing, positively effect the lymphatic system and the vagus nerve - thus helping to keep the immune system in balance.

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I read both of these recently. Interesting to understand how Yoga has been reinvented many times over the centuries and how it continues to evolve. Also how much mis-information exists out there. In THE SCIENCE OF YOGA there is lots about the healing potential of yoga, backed up by science. Also some of the dangers!

I hope that the Love page will inspire you when it is will be a visual blog of some sort...

Used on this website according to fair use policy all copyrights remain with the copyright holder.

Meditation in Forest



Pure Heart Yoga Studio is based down a leafy lane in Johannesburg, South Africa

WhatsApp / Call: +27 82 733 3341


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Meditation in Forest

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An upright posture, a few relaxed breaths and a spacious, pure heart can make a difference.

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