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Pure Heart is a Yoga Studio offering Iyengar Yoga classes for all – for all ages, for all abilities. There are so many benefits from practicing yoga. You may want to increase your physical strength and flexibility; you may want to develop calm in your life; you may want to release tension in your body; you may want to improve your general well-being, or you may want to nurture your spiritual journey and bring the qualities of love and compassion alive in yourself. You may want all these things.

Rose Sonnenberg’s sensitive, compassionate and skillful approach allows each student to safely embark on their yoga journey. She guides her students to greater strength, flexibility and balance, in body, mind and spirit.

A qualified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Rose’s teaching method is guided by the Iyengar tradition, a deeply researched system of yoga. Rose's classes reflect her continuous growth as both student and teacher. No two classes are ever the same.

The studio is well-equipped set in leafy Parktown North. Classes are online or in-studio, group or private.


What my students say...


From the moment I met Rose and saw her studio, I knew it was the right place for me, and she was the right teacher. I love her classes, whether they were pre-Covid as a group, now over Zoom, or private. I always finish up feeling cleansed, relaxed and centred. 



There is something so wonderful about the way that Rose contains the space in her classes. With her watchful eye through zoom we extend our practice - something I didn't think would be possible at home - but it is. Rose is an inspiration. KAREN


Rose is a very kind, gentle, understanding yoga teacher. I am very grateful that Karen introduced me to Rose and to Iyengar yoga. Her classes are relaxed, well thought out and it is lovely to have a good laugh every so often.


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Pure Heart Yoga Studio is based down a leafy lane in Parktown North.

Whatsapp / Call +27827333341

Email rose@buntman.com

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An upright posture, a few relaxed breaths and a spacious, pure heart can make a difference.