Yoga Classes

08h30 - 09h45
06h45 - 08h00
08H30 - 09H45
08h30 - 09h45
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Private Classes
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R600/month (1 class/week)
R1200/month (2 classes/week)
R200/class (drop-in)
Private R500/hour 1 pax
Private R650/hour 2 pax
As we find that part of ourselves that is always steady, pristine and unshakeable.

What my students say...

It has been a very difficult and different year for most people, but you made a difference, you kept us going with yoga and in spirit! You have such a wonderful energy, that one always looks forward to your classes GABRIELA

I returned to Iyengar yoga after an absence of nearly 30 years, and can only express my sincere appreciation and thanks to Rose for my seamless integration back into yoga. Not only is Rose insightful and gifted as a teacher, her flexibility, sensitivity and ability to adapt to my specific “ health “ challenges have enriched my exercise and yoga experience. I highly recommend Pure ❤️ Yoga to anyone wanting to learn and expand their yoga practise PETA

Ah thanks my Rose!!! Thank you for being in my life, with your beautiful energy and your beautiful yoga. I appreciate you more than words can say LISA

I joined Rose's yoga last year when she started classes at her studio and continued when we went onto zoom at the start of Covid.  Her classes are carefully planned and she gives a well instructed explanation on each asana. Rose is aware of her students' problems in certain positions and always makes sure that you try another way if it is difficult. She is very enthusiastic and it is a pleasure to partake of her classes and enjoy all she has to offer.  I highly recommend Rose as an Iyengar teacher JILL

Rose has brought far more than yoga into my life. She is an incredibly special person HELEN S

I wish that yoga class today could have lasted forever WILLIE

I have been doing Iyengar yoga on and off for years and have been taught by many different teachers. I LOVE Rose’s classes. She is very knowledgeable and insightful. She also has a wonderful calm bearing, warmth and caring nature that infuse the classes. She is the first teacher to have given me instructions that have enabled me to do a shoulder stand comfortably. I highly recommend her LES

Rose is such a brilliant teacher - kind and patient. She has created a safe, gentle space for us, her students. And she has a lovely sense of humour. What more could you ask for? WILLIE (again)

Practicing yoga with Rose brings light, love and strength into my life. Her passion for the wisdom of yoga and for her own teaching is evidenced in the time, insight and empathy she gives me to help cope with my chronic pain.  As I work through her carefully planned lessons I gradually feel an increase of mobility, and by the end of the session I am both restored, relaxed and simultaneously energised, ready to cope with my day. In the last year of having to do our classes on Zoom Rose still manages to watch each one of us very carefully so we still benefit from her caring individual attention. For over 20 years I have witnessed Rose’s commitment to the art, science and philosophies of yoga. I love my yoga classes with Rose BARBARA

I love everything about Rose. The yoga, the warmth, the tolerance and the understanding. She is one in a million DEREK